Only Human at Schauspielhaus & Philharmonie

Major milestones for our Only Human project. The first part of the documentary series was shown live at Schauspiel Köln and the Kölner Philharmonie. Even with an admission stop on the open day of the Philharmonie in Cologne. The diverse program attracted so many people that a long queue formed outside the Philharmonie.

It was very exciting for us, as “Only Human” was represented in several program items throughout the day. Among other things, the first part of our documentary series was shown – in front of almost 2,000 people.

For us it was very special that a dance choreography by Royston Maldoom was shown before our movie, with the piece “Men at war”. Royston is known for the movie “Rhythm is it!” (2004), which in turn was a basic motivation for the founding of music4everybody!

Kölner Stadtanzeiger about Only Human in the Philharmonie.

The Schauspielhaus Köln was also fully booked when “Only Human” was shown on September 12 as part of the nationwide documentary film festival LETsDOK. After the film screening, musical and dance performances by Gianna (director of the “Only Human” films), Aeham Ahmad (pianist from the rubble) and children and young refugees from Ukraine, there was a film discussion on the topic of the event: What can art achieve in times of war and fear?