With the founding of cineMars, we have created an important basis for combining our strengths and interests in the best possible way: A desire to drive change and a passion for filmmaking and storytelling. With the slogan and mission of filming for change, we want to play an active role in the urgently needed ecological, economic and social transformation.

In addition to our close connection to nature and a deep personal interest in sustainability, becoming Green Consultants was a matter close to our hearts. The idea: to help shape the transformation of the industry even better. Every consultation and every project broadens our horizons and we look forward to tackling challenges together and finding new ways to implement, explain and tell the story of sustainability.

In addition to strong cohesion and like-minded people, the path to a future worth living requires an (inter)national network, openness to new ideas and the joy of change. It takes optimism and solution-oriented thinking, but also clever and entertaining stories that make you want to get involved and set off on your own journey.

Shall we embark on this journey together?



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The G(reen) TEAM

Teamwork makes the green work. Working together on sustainable projects brings more opportunities and more joy. Write to us if you would like to join our team as a trained green consultant or with your sustainability expertise.

Matteo Sant’Unione

  • Green Consultant
  • Impact Producer
  • Board Member of BVGCD

The 24/7 hotline in 6’2”.
Matteo will probably be your first contact when you get in touch with cineMars. As a passionate half-Italian, he always brings his sociable and communicative self that makes every production a heartfelt one. At the Rudolf Steiner School, he not only learned to dance his seven names, but most of all to live his creativity. Which still helps him today – when he’s directing, compositing and leading productions.

Sarah Fürstenberg

  • Green Consultant
  • Impact Director

Linda Gräve

  • Green Consultant
  • Member of BVGCD


How it’s often said: ‘Talking about problems creates problems, talking about solutions creates solutions.’ (Steve de Shazer) …
The mysterious death of German hacker Karl Koch is still unsolved. …
The Sheroes program aims to sustainably promote the female empowerment of female founders in the media industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. …
When people talk about the ecologically sustainable production of TV and film content, the topic of additional costs usually pops up. However, green production does not have to be more expensive, it can also save a lot of money. …
We are delighted that Matteo has become a part of the board of the Federal Association Green Film & TV Consultants Germany e.V. Together with the board team consisting of Katja Schwarz, Judith Niemeyer, and Donald Houwer and with over 100 members, …
As part of the global climate strike in September 2021, there were several demonstrations going on in Cologne. We’ve captured some impressions of the people who gave all their energy into this important topic. …

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