Workshop Storytelling for the Future: Fictional Narrative Techniques in Film and Television

How it’s often said: ‘Talking about problems creates problems, talking about solutions creates solutions.’ (Steve de Shazer)

This means that to encapsulate the crises of our time in stories, an entirely new narrative is needed. This was the focus of the ‘Storytelling for the Future’ workshop held in November 2023 in Berlin. Nearly 100 guests engaged in discussions about ‘Green Storytelling’ and how to narratively address new societal challenges. Matteo, as a board member of the Federal Association of Green Film & TV Consultants Germany, was also present.

On the occasion of the Berlinale 2024, the results and highlights have now been published by the Media Partner Network:

Here is the YouTube channel with individual presentations.

Here is the written documentation of the workshop.

Thank you for this fantastic and highly inspiring event! We are already pondering over a compelling future story.