Youlius Award 2023

Many months of work have once again gone into the Youlius Award, which was presented at the Cinenova on September 09, 2023. In 11 categories, the award was presented to web video channels that stand out with their content but still have fewer than 10,000 subscribers. For several years, we have been a solid part of the organizing team with cineMars.

The Youlius Award evolves from year to year and has become an established and respected award in the web video industry. With many partners, we strengthen the theme of promoting young talent and are delighted to provide aspiring talents with a real spotlight.

A large part of the cineTeam was present at the event to help out with the organization and filming. Thank you for the wonderful evening, the many conversations and new contacts!

For a closer look at the Youlius Award, you can read the article in the magazine of the Film & Media Foundation (main sponsor) and watch the official aftermovie from #youlius22.

Winners of #youlius23

Here are some impressions from the evening: