music4everybody!. e.V.

Through our long-standing partnership with the non-profit association music4everybody! e.V., we have been able to push social change through cultural education.

By producing free and open theatre and musical projects, our partner creates a safe and creative space for young people. The goal is to foster tolerance and establish intercultural friendships.

Only Human is an innovative documentary format. For three years, we have accompanied young people with and without migration experience. During this time they talk about their cultures, grow closer together and tell their personal stories.

Never before have we conducted such emotional and intimate interviews as in Only Human. The participants talk about their “old life”, their feelings and their arrival in Germany. We were able to capture memories which were sometimes revealed for the first time ever.


The journey to a diverse and tolerant society we have to walk together. We need encounters to be able to get to know each other and to get closer. Art is our common language. Here, we are not separated by ethnic, religious or gender affiliations.

Stephi Siebert, founder of music4everybody! e.V.

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