what if your story could change the world?



Contributing to social change through filmmaking?

We are cineMars, an award-winning European film production company based in Cologne with the vision to create appealing visual content that lays the base for discussion and invites to rethink and reflect.

Filming for change is the overarching mantra that lays the foundation for all our projects – may they be of documentary, fictional or commercial nature. Our goal is to contribute to long-lasting positive change – both through our films and creativity.

We focus on themes which are highly relevant to society such as integration, diversity, education or sustainability.


At cineMars, sustainability isn’t a mere buzzword but a matter of the heart – which is why we constantly evaluate and re-evaluate our own social and ecological footprint, make sustainability a core pillar of our work, hoping to be role models for others.

We are also qualified to provide consultancy services and aid other productions and companies as Green Consultant.

That means we support our clients towards becoming a greener production by working on a suitable strategy that includes compliance with ecological standards and making changes to the status quo.

  • Prioritising the economics of filming: This allows us to cut carbon emissions and use for example cargo bikes rather than cars.
  • CO2-compensation of all air travel via atmosfair
  • Tech-sharing with collegues and industry partners
  • Solely using LED-technology in our light equipment
    Supporting local and sustainable businesses when purchasing material
  • Vegetarian catering on set
  • Production of own eco-electricity
  • “no stand by” rule – devices are turned off when not in use
  • Recycling and reduction of paper and other waste by purchasing “zero waste” and in sustainable office supply stores
  • Bikes for employees
  • Tap water instead of bottled water




Election Campaign Ad
Short film
The first part of our documentary series “Only Human” is now available on the streaming platform behind the tree. We are thrilled that this special project has found its place and was selected by the high-profile jury, consisting of Alexandra Maria Lara, Frederick Lau, Saralisa Volm, Jessica Schwarz, Trystan Pütter, Kida Ramadan, Nilz Bokelberg, Christoph Letkowski, and Jan Köppen. …
In 2014, Lars and Matteo started to realize film projects together and did so under the name cineMars from 2015: An exciting, challenging and enriching time began. …
The first day in the new office was also Sarah’s first day. …
November 9 is a date with history for Germany and Europe: the Reichspogromnacht in 1938, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. …
We have long established ourselves with #filmingforchange and our expertise in the areas of impact, transformation, and sustainability. However, our showreel has not yet reflected this. …
Happy New Year! We wish you optimism, fresh energy and good ideas for a hopefully more peaceful 2024. …
The Youlius Award was also Sina’s first day, and she will be enriching our cineTeam until the end of July 2024. …
Major milestones for our Only Human project. The first part of the documentary series was shown live at Schauspiel Köln and the Kölner Philharmonie. …
Many months of work have once again gone into the Youlius Award, which was presented at the Cinenova on September 9 2023. …
There it is! A lot of passion, time and perfectionism went into this project, which resulted in a rap song and music video. …
In March, we spent a weekend accompanying the Citizens’ Council on Education and Learning during a conference in Montabaur. …
When people talk about the ecologically sustainable production of TV and film content, the topic of additional costs usually pops up. However, green production does not have to be more expensive, it can also save a lot of money. …


Once a month, we’ll update you on what’s happening in the cineMars universe.
Follow us along on our quest of filming for change. Expect entertaining sneak peeks into our projects, film and event tips and – of course – thought-provoking content!

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Social issues at the core of our work

Impact Producing: Designing individual impact campaigns and strategies to effect change by reaching the right audience and pushing the film topics into society

For example: Campaigning for more tolerance and equality in our project Only Human

  • Our project documentations helped to empower individuals to participate in projects focussed on inclusion and social integration as well as helping securing funding for associations such as music4everybody.
  • Social and political involvement as a company and as individuals, e.g. with m4e, Volt or BVGCG
  • Children and youth work within art projects, workshops or festivals

Long-term Partnerships with educational facilities, NGOs and Impact Start-ups who all pledge to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Financial responsibility and giving back

  • We donate our services to help making social projects and their causes more visible.
  • We support crowd-funding campaigns of promising film and art projects.
  • We support the creative and cultural industry with a special focus on young talents by contributing to the Verein zur Förderung der Webvideokultur e.V (Association for the promotion of Webvideo culture)

The human component

  • We provide fair, flexible and human working conditions at cineMars
  • Home office options
    Workplace health promotion & team events
  • Respect and trust are key to our work environment on set which serves as a safe space in which sensitive topics and questions can be addressed and discussed.